Hello, I'm Riani!

I’ve always believed that one of the single most defining moments of our lives, is that precise moment when we see our soulmate standing at the other end of the aisle. There’s nothing more meaningful than the feeling of embarking on a whole new chapter of your lives; one that the two of you will write together. I’m lucky to be able to capture many of these special days, and in doing I have become a real part of these love stories as they unfold. For me. photography is not about the poses and the setup, but the moments in between. The cheeky kisses and the playful grins. I’m here to make sure your photographs are raw and real reflections of yourselves; to capture your connection, not just your smiles.

So what’s my story?

Well, I grew up in a small town called Louis Trichardt in South Africa. My hometown taught me the values of kindness, community, and compassion. Creativity wasn’t even a choice for me. I lived, slept, and dreamt in the small flower shop that my mother owned. Each day, she would create these beautiful flower arrangements for events, gifts, and weddings. But it was the weddings that I couldn’t get out of my head. I always had a dream that one day, I would own my own business so that I could be a part of this special magic. At that stage in my life, I had no idea that photography was my calling. It wasn’t until I married my best friend, that I realized it was time to find a way to embrace my creativity. I enrolled in a photography course and was soon sharing my own knowledge with others, running small workshops in Brisbane. 3 years later, I’m based in Mudgee, NSW and I feel the same hometown love I felt back in Louis Trichardt. I’ve found my people and my home. My purpose now is to share my passion with you, as you will let me share in your defining moments. Anyone can love beautiful photographs, but I am in love with beautiful souls. Let me show you how a bit of imagination can combine the two. Everyone has a story to tell; I hope that you will allow me to tell yours.

-Riani Marianna Kruger-

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