A Magical Mudgee Engagement

First comes love, then comes marriage - but what about the engagement part? Well, this is a story about a magical Mudgee engagement - and how you can recreate your own! 

I was recently part of a Mudgee proposal at Sierra Escape between gorgeous couple Jordan & Chelsea, under the guise of a wine tasting experience - the perfect surprise setup! 

Relaxing on the deck of their accommodation, overlooking the rolling hills and setting sun, the happy couple tasted their way through Mudgee wines with Steph from Exclusively Mudgee. I captured the candid moments shared by Jordan & Chelsea, before inviting them to take a wander for a mini couple’s photoshoot. 

As Chelsea smiled, blissfully unaware, Jordan pulled the ring from his pocket and got down on one knee. From the look of shock and excitement on Chelsea’s face, to the precious moment as she said ‘yes’ and Jordyn put the ring on her finger - I captured every minute of it. It was the ultimate romantic gesture, and Jordan absolutely nailed it with the covert Mudgee photographer, ready and waiting to capture the occasion!

So how can you orchestrate your own Mudgee engagement?

The whole experience was part of a new engagement package offered to guests of Sierra Escape. 

Romantic wine tasting with Exclusively Mudgee? Check. Private couple’s photoshoot in a knock-out Mudgee location? Check. One partner surprising another with their very own Mudgee proposal - and a wedding photographer ready to capture the big moment? Check! 

If you’re thinking of making Mudgee the site of your dream proposal, this is the way to do it. 

It combines everything Mudgee is famous for - local wine, beautiful views, and unforgettable experiences - all of which are captured forever by adding a Mudgee engagement photographer to the mix. 

And I have to admit - while weddings will always be my first love, there’s something about the sheer surprise and romance of a proposal photoshoot that has stolen my heart. 

You can book your Mudgee engagement photoshoot through Sierra Escape.

And if you’re not a guest of theirs, you can still arrange a similar experience. Get in touch to start planning your romantic Mudgee proposal.